Why Are Car Washes a Concern For the Environment?

Posted: 04/18/16 8:06 PM

Professional car wash systems create wash wastewater that can have a great impact on the environment if not properly managed and discharged. Contaminants in wash wastewater include the following:
  • Oil and grease, which contain hazardous materials such as benzene, lead, zinc, chromium, arsenic, pesticides, herbicides, nitrates, and other me
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Car Wash Industry Facts and The Environment

Posted: 04/15/16 8:35 PM

Car washes make up a $5 billion dollar a year industry [1] that employs approximately 350,000 people in the US. According to a study done by the International Car wash Association, in the United States alone there are more than 3 billion professional washes per year [3]. Such staggering statistics make it easy to see why the car wash industry is su
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