Water Efficient Car Wash System

Posted: 05/2/16 8:28 PM

How Can I Make My Car Wash System More Water Efficient? Over the past 10 years, professional car washes have implemented and improved water conservation practices. Professional car washes can become even more water efficient by taking the general measures below.
  • Detect and repair all leaks in the system.
  • Install lower flow noz
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Long Term Car Care with Eco Car Care

Posted: 02/5/16 11:47 PM

More things to know about eco car care

Eco car care is not only about the enhancing the visual appearance of your car, but at the same time it is also focused on the benefit of the overall environment and keep your car protected from the accumulation of dust, dirt and other particles. The services provided by eco car care can make your ca
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Eco Car Care Supports Water Conservation in South Florida

Posted: 10/22/15 4:28 AM

Saving Water in South Florida

On average, each person in south florida uses 179 gallons of water per day. 179 gallons! And more than half of the water used at home is for Grass and shrubs, not to mention that 100 gallons alone thats spent on Car Wash day.  Thats too much. Using an eco friendly car wash and Watering no more than twice a w
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