Organic Eco Friendly Car Wash

Posted: 01/21/16 11:38 PM

Conserve Water Using Organic, Eco Friendly Car Wash

You can wash the car, truck, SUV, or an automobile of any size using the waterless car wash products. You can also make many car washing solutions at home and go organic about washing your car. Keep your car spick and span using this method of washing. Though many commercial products are
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Eco Car Care Supports Water Conservation in South Florida

Posted: 10/22/15 4:28 AM

Saving Water in South Florida

On average, each person in south florida uses 179 gallons of water per day. 179 gallons! And more than half of the water used at home is for Grass and shrubs, not to mention that 100 gallons alone thats spent on Car Wash day.  Thats too much. Using an eco friendly car wash and Watering no more than twice a w
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