Boat Detailing

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Boat Detailing

In sunny South Florida, professional Mobile Boat Detailing is an absolute must for the thousands upon thousands of boating enthusiasts who call South Florida home. Over the years, Eco Car Care has become widely recognized as the ‘GO TO’ pros for vehicle renovation on land and in the water!

Every part of the country has challenges unique to its own geographic area. In South Florida, boating is a way of life for many. Mobile Boat Detailing makes life easy for boat owners who understand the importance of regular maintenance. Eco Car…

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... Care specializes in creating the protective, polished finish all boaters cherish when skimming across the glassy waters in this beautiful boating paradise.

As in every custom cleaning Mobile Detailing project we create, attention to detail is our guiding principle with each and every vehicle we restore. Boats do represent distinct challenges apart from wheel-driven conveyances, however, the fundamental steps to a Magical Renovation remain the same - for engine or wind-driven vessels.

Eco Car Care efficiently washes, waxes, and polishes your boat from stern to bow. If needed,

Boat Detailing Packages

Custom Boat Detail 30 Ft +

Custom Boat Detail 30 Ft +

Note: This package will need to be quoted for accuracy. The price you see here is not final, we will need the type of boat…


Premium Boat Detail 10-30 Ft

Premium Boat Detail 10-30 Ft

This premium boat detail is ideal for the perfect gelcoat finish. We remove chalky and oxidized contamination and leave a shiny brand new finish that…


Deluxe Boat Detail 10-30 Ft

Deluxe Boat Detail 10-30 Ft

Closed Bow & Speed Boat detailing is our specialty. The average cost to detail a boat can range anywhere from $10 to $35 per foot…


a ceramic coating for gel coat based paints can be applied to protect against salt, grime, and contaminants. Your boat will retain its glossy finish for years to come!

Boat Detailing isn’t just for yachts anymore. Every boater’s passion should be reflected in their chosen watercraft of choice. Call Eco Car Care TODAY to get your passion project underway!

Eco Car Care’s Boat Detailing Team is well versed and proficient in the art of Boat Detailing. Cleaning, scrubbing, stain removal, washing, polishing, degreasing, waxing…all aspects of professional boat

restoration are ingrained into our experienced and conscientious specialists.

It’s always ALL HANDS ON DECK with any Boat Detailing project undertaken by our team of experts. We’re all about Smooth Sailing too!

For the Finest in Exterior Boat Detailing Service, it’s as easy as setting your course for Eco Car Care!

Eco Car Care’s Exterior Boat Detailing Service applies professional focus on removing the ravages of oxidation resulting from life near the ocean. Salt water can be especially damaging to your boat’s paint. Our exclusive Wash, Wax, and Polish protocol will leave your watercraft Looking Better Than The Day You Got It!

Let’s be honest. If you’re like most boat owners, finding the time and energy to seriously clean and polish your craft can be challenging, even if you enjoy it. Eco Car Care makes maintenance a cool ocean breeze and a simple phone call away.

Our crew of ship-ready Boat Detailing Specialists meticulously wash and dry all areas of the boat: Topside, Glass, Stainless Steel, Outboard Motors, Hatches - every nook and cranny that gives your watercraft the go-ahead for Clear Sailing.

High grade boat wax is used, leaving a beautiful smooth finish on your gel coat. Waxing adds protection from salt water environments, UV rays, and corrosion that occurs naturally over the course of time.

Polishing & Oxidation Removal

Oxygen is everywhere, which is good for us, but bad for our cars on the road and boats on the water. Oxygen molecules blanket the surface of our vehicles wherever they are, causing oxidation - a breakdown in the molecules of the paint.

As your paint continues to oxidize, the effects become more noticeable. Initially, the paint will begin to fade and lose vibrancy. As time goes on, heavy oxidation produces a dull, chalky surface. In its most developed stage, oxidation causes the clear coat to deteriorate and permanently dissolve paint. Rusty boats are neither appealing or safe!

Rust Happens But You Don’t Have To Live With It

Eco Car Care can save you and your boat from the destructive power of oxidation and the impossible-to-escape natural environment. Our Boat Detailing Professionals will do whatever it takes to restore your watercraft to the eye-catching beauty it was before the forces of nature took their toll.

Call Us Today to reclaim the magic you felt the first time you glided across the glistening South Florida waters in your brand new boat! We can help you recapture that spirit and make sure everything on board is indeed Shipshape!