Smoke Odor Removal

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Smoke Odor Removal

“Oooh, someone’s been smoking in here,” says a voice as they climb into a smoker’s car. How many times have you heard that, or said it yourself? There is nothing remotely pleasant about the scent of stale cigarette smoke to someone who doesn’t smoke. Most non-smokers can smell it 50 feet away, and not just in the air. Removing Smoke Odor from vehicles is something the Mobile Detailing Team at Eco Car Care takes very seriously. Cigarette, cigar, or any other source of smoke can permeate every inch of your vehicle’s interior, casting a toxic aromatic residue on seats, carpet,…

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... and headliners. Like a lingering fog of stagnant, noxious chemicals, the invisible cloud of poisonous air wafting throughout your Car, Truck, SUV, or Boat has the potential to create permanent and sometimes life-threatening consequences for anyone exposed to its pungent and harmful effects. And the risks don’t stop once you’ve left the vehicle. After being exposed to the chemical soup in smoke, every particle of clothing, every strand of hair, and any exposed skin will have you smelling like a cigarette with legs, even though it may be of the secondhand variety. The Mobile Detailing Pros at Eco Car Care

are concerned about much more than simply restoring your car to pristine condition, as important as that is. They also care about your health! What fun is having a great set of wheels or a sleek, shiny watercraft if you’re too sick to enjoy them? If you’re a smoker and a driver, it’s easy and almost natural to overlook the distasteful and dangerous side effects of smoking, especially in an enclosed environment where thousands of cancer-causing chemicals leech onto everything within reach. We have all been witness to a smoker’s dilemma just before they climb in behind the wheel -

trying to get those final last puffs inhaled so as not to smell up an otherwise great interior. It would be funny if not so tragic! Smoke follows drivers into vehicles like fish follow bait. Once a Car, Truck, SUV, Boat, or any other type of travel becomes contaminated with the unhealthy pollutants emitted from a cigarette - or the person smoking it - the resulting emissions can remain obnoxious and potent indefinitely. After extended and consistent exposure to the pernicious toxins, Professional Mobile Detailing is most often the only permanent solution for Smoke Odor Removal. The Team at Eco Car Care is well-accustomed to recapturing a car’s Interior Luster and Healthy Environment. As if Secondhand Smoke wasn’t scary enough, Thirdhand Smoke is now an official team used by those studying it, when referring to the smoke residue which settles in furniture, clothes, hair…anywhere on or around your body or physical surroundings. Smoke inhalation is generally considered secondhand whenever it occurs as a result of close contact to a smoker, or having been in an environment in which smoking recently took place. This could be an indoor or outdoor setting where direct contact with the environmental pollutant occurred. Whatever the term, they can all mean deadly! The primary factor to remember is simple: when being around a person who is smoking, or an environment where smoking is, or has, taken place, the risk of non-direct contact with potentially deadly carcinogens goes far beyond what you can see. Within the confines of an enclosed space like the Interior of an Auto, Truck, SUV, or Boat, it is more than an assumption to realize the visible environment you see could be harboring invisible dangers and in serious need of specialized Vehicle Detailing - the kind of Professional Mobile Detailing provided by Eco Car Care! A Clean Ride is a Healthy Ride! As nice as it would be not having to worry about maintaining that which is important to us, or caring about those dear to us, the fact is we must take responsibility for our health and wellbeing to the extent we can. And sometimes that means calling in the pros to to deal with issues beyond our control. Removing Smoke Odor and the serious health concerns it can breed, requires the professional expertise of Mobile Car Detailers dedicated to making your vehicle not only the cleanest looking on the road, but the healthiest. Detailing Companies like Eco Car Care - where how you feel on the inside is as important as how you look on the outside - can rid your Car, Truck, SUV, or Boat of lingering toxicity and foul smoke odor. Don’t drive with your head in an invisible toxic cloud! CALL TODAY to clear the air permanently with professional Mobile Car Detailing from Eco Car Care. Make your car smell as good as it looks and as safe as it can be!

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