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Exterior Detailing

The exterior of your vehicle is the first thing that you and people around you see when you pull up. Why not pull up in style? The exterior of most vehicles are usually covered with a factory clear coat, gel coat, or fiberglass for your RV. Here is the bottom-line. People love shiny things! A shiny exterior finish is attractive and people are drawn to it and actually notice. From diamonds, to a clean bathtub people notice when something is clean and shiny.

An exterior detail by Eco Car Care can…

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... help you restore the original shine and appeal that your car, truck, SUV, RV, or Boat was meant to have. Making something shiny means polishing it to perfection. Sometimes your vehicle may have certain issues that occur due to the environment. You may have oxidation, dirt, stains, and even spots that show up front trees and plants that leave their residue on top of your clearcoat.

At Eco Car Care, we are fully aware of the different factors that are a danger to your vehicle. With a full exterior detail, we will remove the

Exterior Only Detailing Packages

Exterior Detail for Trucks

Exterior Detail for Trucks

The exterior detail for trucks is just what you need to wash, remove contaminants, and protect your vehicles clear coat. This package is an outside…


Exterior Detail for Sedans

Exterior Detail for Sedans

The exterior detail for sedans is just what you need to wash, remove contaminants, and protect your vehicles clear coat. This package is an outside…


Exterior Detail for SUVs

Exterior Detail for SUVs

The exterior detail for SUV's is just what you need to wash, remove contaminants, and protect your vehicles clear coat. This package is an outside…


contaminants first and foremost. This happens with an exterior wash, clay bar, and polish to rid the topcoat of these exterior blemishes.

What is a clay bar?
The clay bar rubs off those hard to remove stains on top of your paint. This has to happen without damaging that top surface, or leaving behind those light scratches or rub stains. What this leaves is a perfect blemish free surface that is truly clean of contamination. Once this is accomplished, the next thought process is two prong. First how do we keep these things away, or

when they do come; how do we make they easily to remove without using too many abrasives. This then leads us to the protection stage.

To protect your paint, gelcoat, clearcoat, or fiberglass exterior, we can use strong protective waxes, sealants, or the latest ceramic coatings that aim to protect your vehicle for the long term while retaining that beautiful shine that we achieve in the polishing stage.

Waxing your vehicle is one of the go to protectants that we like to use here at Eco Car Care. We use the latest and greatest in wax technology. From paste wax, spray wax, ceramic spray wax, and wax based sealants make sticking to your top coat hard to do. Making it hard for contamination to stick to your top coat should always be your goal. Why you ask? Well making it hard for plants, dirt, and other environmental oxidation and weather based factors from sticking to your car means it will be easier to clean and remove in the future without damaging your clear coat.

One of the most prominent examples of environmental factors are the bugs we get on our cars, SUV's and trucks when we go on a road trip up north to Orlando, Gainesville, Tallahassee or Georgia while driving up the turnpike or the i-75. This is one of the most popular issues we face. Why is this important?

Bugs on a road trip on i-95 or any of the popular roads we use in Florida actually have acidic guts. The acid from these bugs once they burst, will start to etch into the clear coat of your vehicle. Ideally, you want to remove bug guts as soon as they burst onto your paint. The impact of driving 65 plus miles per hour means there is no surviving for those suckers. When the guts sit there on your paint for a long amount of time, it can leave permanent damage. What you thing is still a stain, is actually an etching or a mark left behind; a remanence essentially of the bug that was removed and now has eaten into your clearcoat protection.

Some people want to take the beauty of their car to another level. This may mean removing swirl marks, light scratches, and doing paint correction on their vehicle. Paint correction done via detail means removing these blemishes from your vehicle so that you now have that perfect, better than factory finish on your paint.

If you have an old classic car or a high end vehicle, it only makes sense to keep it at that high end level it was meant to have. Paint correction can restore your vehicles exterior to that perfect showroom finish.

All of this being said; it is crucial to fully clean your car and not let the sun bake in the dirt, bugs, and other contamination cook into your clearcoat. Let us detail the exterior of your car with the professionalism that it takes to clean, polish, and protect your vehicle.

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