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Paint Correction

Paint Correction refers to the Treatment and Restoration of vehicles. Cars in South Florida receive damage by long-term exposure to the oxidative effects of the environment, or UV rays. In South Florida, where Mother Nature and Father Time can take a toll on any car exterior, Eco Car Care specializes in bringing weather-worn paint back to life through our paint correction service.

Paint Correction Fort Lauderdale

The Mobile Detailing Team at Eco Car Care understands the importance of your vehicle’s looks, whether on the road or water. The appearance of your Car, Truck, or Boat should reflect the love and…

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... care you give it. Paint Correction is a professional cleaning and restoration process designed to remove contaminate-induced deterioration of your vehicle’s original paint and luster.   Types of paint damage:

  • Swirl marks
  • holograms
  • oxidation
  • faded paint
  • paint chips
  • rock chips
  • peeling clear coat
  • orange peel
  • paint drips
In today’s hyper-busy world, it’s not always possible to provide the practical protection our cars need to stay looking showroom fresh. Eco Car Care and their experienced Mobile Detailing Specialists know how to make your Car, Truck, Motorcycle, SUV, or Boat Look Better Than The Day You Got It! Don’t let

Paint Correction Packages

Paint Correction for SUVs and Trucks

Paint Correction for SUVs and Trucks

Paint correction for your sedan means removing swirl marks, light scratches, scratches, contamination and hazed paint and bringing it back to life. Our paint correction…


Paint Correction for Sedans

Paint Correction for Sedans

Paint correction for your sedan means removing swirl marks, light scratches, scratches, contamination and hazed paint and bringing it back to life. Our paint correction…


your vehicle make you sad anymore! Call Eco Car Care TODAY! Put a smile on your face while we put a Shine on your car!

Paint Correction Restores and Protects

In South Florida, it is hard to avoid the Sun, UV Rays, Moisture in the Air, and Salt that permeates our environment. While the climate feels good to live in, it can be tough on our bodies…and our vehicles! Eco Car Care has the tools it takes to restore and protect your car from the ravages of oxidation and other appearance altering defects. The more your vehicle is exposed to

South Florida Environmental Factors, the more the Showroom Finish begins to degrade. It doesn’t take long for natural and man-made elements to create havoc with your car’s paint and body. Eco Car Care can alleviate severe and cosmetic damage - Scratches, Swirl Marks, Spider Webs, Holograms, Marring, Haze - professionally and quickly! When you call our talented Team of Mobile Detailing Professionals, they will gladly tell you about the restorative Magical effect Paint Correction can have on your vehicle’s exterior. The transformative restoration entails a multi-step process beginning with a thorough Cleaning, followed by Professional Claying, Compounding, and Polishing to Perfection to remove Corrosion, Fading, and Light Scratches. We can’t live in a bubble and it’s almost impossible to keep our cars in one, but rest assured the Pros at Eco Car Care will have your vehicle looking like it does! Call now to schedule your Free Consultation and get ready to see your car Glisten like the day you first drove it! Eco Friendly Care Tips At Eco Car Care, we like educating Car Lovers as much as helping them. Here are a few tips on How To Prevent Deterioration On Your Car Before Serious Damage Sets In. When possible, park your car in a shaded area - temperatures between 65 and 80 are ideal for preserving a vehicle’s original paint. The South Florida sun can make that difficult, however, the more you can achieve it, the better for your car’s long-term well-being. Waxing your car on a regular basis maintains oxidative protection, while repelling UV Rays from your vehicle’s clear coat. Routine Car Washing and Detailing from Eco Car Care through our Vehicle Maintenance Plans assures our Car Loving Customers they will not lose their vehicles due to Premature Aging. In South Florida, Waxing is recommended at least once a month to protect against the harsh effects of the sun. Paint Correction is an evolved Vehicle Restoration Process developed to provide long-term protection for your car’s original paint. The Mobile Detailing Team at Eco Car Care painstakingly removes small amounts of clear coat from your vehicle’s exterior surface, effectively leveling it with polish or similar abrasive compound. After detailed preparation, our Paint Correction Process carefully eliminates grease, wax, and other chemical contaminates to assure a professional, gleaming correction! Eco Car Care’s Paint correction and protection Service creates a mirrored finish free from any and all defects. Our Eco-Friendly Process is guaranteed to enhance the value of your vehicle as it guards against the need for expensive paint or body work in the future. Once corrected you can top this all off with one of our ceramic coating packages! Eliminate the need for costly car repair down the road. Call Eco Car Care NOW and put yourself behind the wheel of a Perfectly Beautiful Car today, and for all the miles to come!