Car Flood Damage Repair

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Car Flood Damage Repair

Information on car flood damage repair in Florida. If your vehicle has experienced flooding, leaking, or water damage, we can remediate the flood and symptoms of mold growth. The truth is, living in South Florida has its many ups and downs. Everyone living in Broward, Miami, West Palm Beach or surrounding cities know a thing or two about the rainy weather, thunderstorms, and hurricane season. With the increase of global warming, and the constant issues that arise from it, flooded streets, and neighborhoods are a common occurrence. With this, comes vehicles getting stuck in the middle of the road while…

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... driving through said flooded streets. Once flood water starts getting into your vehicle, getting rid of it can be quite tricky. A flooded vehicle has many nuances to it. First and foremost, its very wet. Second, a flood damaged vehicle can start to smell very rank if left untreated. Finally, a flooded vehicle is the first step to a mold infestation in your vehicle. Another common reason for flood damage is not even so much driving through a puddle, but common leaks in your vehicle. Holes and tears in your exterior weather trimming, can allow rain water

to seep through and rest underneath your vehicles carpets and floorboards. Flood damage can also occur from a defective or blocked drainage system in your car's sunroof. The sunroof is meant to drain the water outwards. When your vehicle's sunroof drains are clogged or broken; instead of draining the water outside the vehicle, the water drains itself right into your cars interior carpeting. At Eco Car Care, our flood remediation process involves a complete extraction of all the water in your vehicle. We follow up flood water extraction with a complete humidity and moisture drying involving carpet

fans, and heating tools. For most cars, a proper flooded car damage repair can mean taking out all the seats, both front and back. To make sure your flood damage repair is done right, we strip the whole interior of the car including carpets, and carpet padding to make the drying process more efficient. With flood damage, comes car mold remediation. If your car is wet, the possibility of mold growth is increased ten fold. By completely drying out the interior of your flooded car, we inhibit mold growth and stop it right in its tracks.

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