Concrete Removal From Car Paint

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Concrete Removal From Car Paint

Concrete and cement can potentially ruin your vehicle’s paint. Most experienced drivers can tell you about at least one bad experience they have had with these two driving hazards. Removing cement, especially after they’ve dried, can be frustrating, but not as frustrating as having to repaint your entire car. Commonly occurring around construction sites, cement or concrete issues can also become prevalent when traveling on a highway or commuting. Affected trucks or cars can spray them from their tires, often times causing damage to a windshield as well the body. If left too long untouched, permanent paint damage is almost…

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... a certainty. Eco Car Care can remove troublesome and destructive concrete and cement blemishes with their exclusive Mobile Detailing Service program. Trained professionals can minimize your frustration and leave you with a car Looking Better Than The Day You Got It! Cement, concrete, or asphalt contamination on your vehicle creates a chemical bond on the clear coat resembling small sand spots. Eco Car Care has developed a special process and formula capable of releasing these spots from the affected clear coat WITHOUT scratching your vehicle! Strict adherence to detail is observed as our Mobile Detailing professionals select the appropriate parking

area devoid of direct sunlight and heat. We then mask off any sensitive areas not in need of the treatment. The concrete is expertly broken down causing it to soften. It is then removed from your car with a clean sponge or towel. After a thorough rinse, the area treated is waxed, revealing a restored paint finish. Don’t let frustration keep you from contacting the Mobile Car Detailing Pros at Eco Car Care. Concrete removal from cars is our specialty. We know how to make you - and your car - feel and look better! Call now!

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