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Car Wrap

Car wrap Fort Lauderdale. We install vinyl car wraps in Broward County. Our shop is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and we also service Car wraps Miami. Professional car wraps are a service offered by Eco Car Care.

Vehicle wrapping by Eco Car Care offers 4 different types wrapping services:

  1. Color change wraps or solid color vehicle detailing
  2. Commercial vehicle wraps for advertising
  3. Detailing and decoration graphics for any vehicle
  4. Boat graphics

The car wraps process starts with a…

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... vehicle wrap consultation. We can wrap your commercial vans, cars, box trucks, RV's, Buses, official government and state vehicles, and much more. Our shop is located in Fort Lauderdale, Fl near the border of Tamarac. This is easily a 15 mile drive for most cities coming from any direction North or South. We can wrap vehicles for customers in Boca Raton, Delray, or Boynton, nearby Pompano Beach or Deerfield areas or as far south as Plantation, Davie, or Miami.

We use High quality car wrap vinyls

Vehicle wraps

should always use cast vinyl from the top brands in the industry. If an installer wants to use Calendered film on your vehicle they will be doing you a dis-service as this will for sure fail immediately. Calendered films should never be used for wrapping cars. These types of films are not as flexible and not fit for 3d or curved surfaces.
Our wrap shop uses car wraps from 3M, Avery Dennison, Orafol, Arlon and other high end wraps that are sure to last.

Car Wrap Installation and Finishing

Installation of our vinyl car wraps use the 3M training methods for proper adhesion, preparation, and cutting. Furthermore, the finish process for car wraps is the most important step to a long-lasting vehicle wrap. We finishing with memory reduction, cutting all edges properly and cleanly, and post heating to help rid the wrap of any remaining trapped air bubbles and to enhance fusion of the film to the substrate.

Car Wrap Workspace and Location

We keep our shop floor clean to allow for a clean install. Cleanliness in a car wrap shop is crucial to proper adhesion. Dirt and dust can easitly get trapped underneath your vinyl. In order to avoid dust or dirt from getting trapped underneath the car wrap, the work environment must be prestine. Before we start any wrap, we make sure to sweep the floor thoroughly before the vehicle is ever moved into the workspace. The vehicle will be placed in a non high traffic area to avoid kikcing up dust. The vehicle will be placed in an enclosed location where the vehicle will be away from windows and with the doors closed so as to not allow dust to enter our work area.

Our car wrap installation process is done in a temperature controlled environment since the temperature of the workspace plays a very important role during the application process. As a professional we are aware that the film adapts very quickly to the temperature of the workspace and the vehicle. Therefore, it’s important that the workspace is between a specific temperature and that it stays consistent throughout the install. We avoid a room that is too hot and also too cold. Anywhere between 65-78 degrees is the ideal temperature for any install and that is where we like to keep it while we wrap your car.

We have the best tools for car wraps

Every car wrap company or installer needs the very best industry tools to get the job done properly. As part of our tool kit we keep all the required and high end car wrap tools and accessories in stock to make sure your install is done right the first time. Our tool kit includes:

  • Squeegee
  • Heat Gun
  • Torch
  • Magnets Masking
  • Tape Tape Measures
  • Car Wrap Application Gloves
  • Edge Sealer
  • Wrap Lubrication
  • Door handle and accessory removal tools
  • Basic toolkit
  • High end blades for clean cuts

Maintenance and Cleaning

After the car has been wrapped and stable for 24 hours, do not wash the car for atleast 6 days. Allow the vinyl to settle as much as possible before showering it with water, soaps, or cleaning products. When using pressure washers, make sure to hold the nozzle atleast 24 inches away from the surface. It is always best to wash a wrapped vehicle by hand as you do not know the pressures and soaps being used at a drive through automatic car wash.

Use care to avoid scratching the film. Never scrub the film. Scratching and abrasion marks may be visible and you may not be able to work them out of the unique finish of the film. Avoid using harsh chemicals and brushes when cleaning your vehicle, and avoid parking near shrubs and trees or any other items that could scratch the vehicle.

Use a cleaner designed for high-quality painted surfaces. The cleaner must be wet, non-abrasive, without solvents, and have a pH value between 3 and 11 (neither strongly acidic nor strongly alkaline).

Removing Fingerprints

If a matte finished film shows fingerprints, they can be cleaned off easily. After the installation is complete by wiping the film surface with a clean lint-free towel saturated with a mixture of 70% IPA and 30% water. Wipe the film surface dry afterwards.

Don't worry if your wrap has stains. These can be removed…

from vinyl wrap with a mild household cleaner and a lint-free cloth. Users should test their cleaner of choice in a small inconspicuous area prior to applying to the full film installation. The use of any specific cleaner is strictly on a user test-and-approve basis.

Removing Scratches

Many surface scratches will disappear when exposed to sunlight on warm days. To remove vinyl wrap scratches, heat the film surface with a heat gun.
Do not allow the surface temperature of the film to exceed 225°F (107°C). Deeper scratches in the film surface will not come out. Always use care to avoid scratches during installation, maintenance, use, and storage of the wrapped vehicle.

Replacing Damaged Wraps

Removing only a portion of a damaged wrap is not the best idea. You may want to replacing the entire graphic instead. Many factors will contribute to the replaced section appearing different from the rest of the wrap, which may not be satisfactory to you or your business. These factors include color shifts due to using film from a different printing lot, and the slight fading or change in gloss that may have occurred on the previously installed film. At Eco Car Care we also offer car wrap removal as well. If your wrap is aged and you no longer have a need for it, let one of our representatives walk you through the vehicle wrap removal process and costs.

Factors that Affect Graphic Performance Life

Vinyl's have a set life expectancy for how long they can last. The performance life of a car wrap graphic may be affected by the following:

  • the combinations of graphics materials used.
  • complete ink drying or curing.
  • selection, condition and preparation of the substrate.
  • surface texture.
  • application methods.
  • angle and direction of sun exposure.
  • environmental conditions.
  • cleaning or maintenance methods.

Average life expectancy of wrap types:

  • Matte: 7-9 years
  • Gloss: 5-7 years
  • Brushed: 4-6 years
  • Carbon Fiber: 4-6 years
  • Leather: 4-6 years
  • Chrome Products: 3-4 years
  • Pearl Films: 3 years

Get more information about car wraps. Please feel free to reach out to get more information. Call 954-944-2906. Our consultations involve getting the year make and model of your vehicle. Next we get the correct measurements and identify what your needs are. If you are doing a color change, we will go over all your different options. If you are in the market for a commercial vehicle wrap, we will do a design consultation with you as well. It is important to understand what areas of the vehicle you are looking to wrap. Let us know what your project requirements are. A vehicle wrap consultation gives us a good idea about your budget and design requirements.