Still Washing With Water?

Posted: 05/18/16 4:37 PM

Well, Its probably time you think again. Eco Car Care, starting June 1st will be selling their Waterless Car Wash & Polish world wide. If you are an eco enthusiast or simply love for your car, boat, motorcycle, or if you got it made; your aircraft to be clean, this waterless wash and wax solution may very well be the answer. The initial release
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Car Wash Industry Facts and The Environment

Posted: 04/15/16 8:35 PM

Car washes make up a $5 billion dollar a year industry [1] that employs approximately 350,000 people in the US. According to a study done by the International Car wash Association, in the United States alone there are more than 3 billion professional washes per year [3]. Such staggering statistics make it easy to see why the car wash industry is su
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What Types of Professional Car Washes Are There?

Posted: 04/15/16 8:05 PM

Most professional car washes can be classified as conveyor, inbay automatic, or self-service systems. These are described below. In a conveyor car wash system, the car moves on a conveyor belt while the exterior of the car is washed. The two basic technologies that are available for the conveyor wash cycle are friction and frictionless. The fricti
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