Still Washing With Water?

Posted: 05/18/16 4:37 PM

Well, Its probably time you think again. Eco Car Care, starting June 1st will be selling their Waterless Car Wash & Polish world wide. If you are an eco enthusiast or simply love for your car, boat, motorcycle, or if you got it made; your aircraft to be clean, this waterless wash and wax solution may very well be the answer. The initial release
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Waterless Car Wash for Consumer Use

Posted: 05/11/16 3:20 PM

Looking for Waterless Car Wash for Consumer Use?

Starting June 1st, the Eco Car Care waterless car wash and Polish will go into market for consumer purchase. This waterless wash is an organic and easy to use cleaner/lubricant that does two functions. First it cleans the dirt off the your car, motorcycle, or aircraft, and
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Water Efficient Car Wash System

Posted: 05/2/16 8:28 PM

How Can I Make My Car Wash System More Water Efficient? Over the past 10 years, professional car washes have implemented and improved water conservation practices. Professional car washes can become even more water efficient by taking the general measures below.
  • Detect and repair all leaks in the system.
  • Install lower flow noz
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What Types of Professional Car Washes Are There?

Posted: 04/15/16 8:05 PM

Most professional car washes can be classified as conveyor, inbay automatic, or self-service systems. These are described below. In a conveyor car wash system, the car moves on a conveyor belt while the exterior of the car is washed. The two basic technologies that are available for the conveyor wash cycle are friction and frictionless. The fricti
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Rinseless Car Wash

Posted: 03/1/16 8:16 PM

Eco Rinseless Car Wash & Auto Detailing

The most recent in scrub technology allows for rinsing you to clean your vehicle with no need of the line. You require water obviously, but two containers total or merely one is going to do. This enables one to clean your vehicle within an apartment complex or residence, inside your storage, or p
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waterless car wash in residential areas

can you clay bar a car after a waterless car wash?

Posted: 02/25/16 5:00 AM

Can you Clay Bar After A Waterless Wash?

The answer is Yes! of course you can clay bar after a waterless wash. A waterless wash is considered to be exactly the same as a regular wash minus the water. Some of the bigger enthusiasts of the waterless car wash will say that a no water car wash, depending on the brand, will give you results th
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Residential Car Wash on Demand Waterless

Posted: 02/18/16 11:23 PM

The Residential Challenge: Going Water less

Residential Car Wash - In the world today, many improvements are faced by us particularly environmentally. As never before, we all are required—Both our within our as well as in our individual environments Communities—to to exactly how we take care of the pay attention T
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Eco Car Care Supports Water Conservation in South Florida

Posted: 10/22/15 4:28 AM

Saving Water in South Florida

On average, each person in south florida uses 179 gallons of water per day. 179 gallons! And more than half of the water used at home is for Grass and shrubs, not to mention that 100 gallons alone thats spent on Car Wash day.  Thats too much. Using an eco friendly car wash and Watering no more than twice a w
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